What do you do to make your business leave a significant impact on the industry and market? How do you make your business stand out? Should you rely on product and service quality? Or should you focus on customer satisfaction? If you were to ask Mark Johnson, he would say all three are important.


Who is Mark Johnson, by the way?

Mark Johnson is a passionate business consultant who decided to set up Old Subs Place, a business consultancy firm. Along with his team, Mark is dedicated to helping businesses, particularly small businesses, move towards the right path; the one that leads to success.

Old Subs Place is composed of highly experienced professional consultants whose expertise in business is varied and vast. Using their experience, skills, passion, and dedication, they work with clients to achieve the following:

-Strategic thinking resulting in growth and efficiency

-Better organization

-Customer-focused products and services

-Better work practices

-Improved production

-Improved profitability


The Old Subs Place consultancy team is trained to provide their best products and services with the help of their:

-Extensive business experience

-Professional reputation

-Comprehensive business and market knowledge

-Strategic thinking

-Proper organization and planning

-Commitment and dedication to clients

-Passion for success

This online community was created so Old Subs Place can connect with its clients and contacts. Additionally, this is where you will find the latest news, updates, and other important information about Old Subs Place and its services, in addition to tips, advice, How-tos, and special features. Also found in this online community are videos and audio specials about how to leverage your business to a more exciting and productive level.