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Highly Experienced Professional Consultants

whose expertise in business is varied and vast. Using their experience, skills, passion, and dedication, they work with clients to achieve results.

World-class Business Consultancy Services

elevate your small business to success. The minute you decide to partner and work with us, you’ll welcome wonderful opportunities left and right.

Old Subs Business Consultancy

Are you thinking of starting a small business?

Starting or managing a small business involves a lot of challenges, and this is exactly what Old Subs Place was created for. We help leverage businesses. As a business consultancy group, our primary goal is to make things easier for business owners to achieve their company’s goals.

Professionals Helping Professionals

Old Subs Place was created and is managed by Mark Johnson, owner and CEO. He works with a team of professionals who are trained to be the best consultants (and cheerleaders). They will push you well until you reach your goals and achieve the success you want for your business.

3 Things You Should Do to Restore Your Credit Before Making a Major Purchase

You’re ready to make that major purchase you’ve long planned to do. You know what you want and where to find it. The problem, however, is your poor credit score. Once stores see that your rating is bad, they won’t accept your credit card, and you won’t be able to make that purchase. The best thing to do in situations like this is finding time to fix your credit score and restore it to its good standing. At a loss about how you can do this? Worry not because we have several tips that can be useful for you.


Pay on Time

One of the biggest contributors to a bad credit score is unpaid accounts. If this is true in your case, start paying on time. You need to be sure that all your payments are up-to-date. Even if you have late payments in your record, if they were from years ago, they won’t affect your score anymore. But you have to keep paying on time. Another thing that you can do is pay your dues twice a month instead of just once. You should do this if you want to keep your balance low.


Determine What Contributed to Your Bad Credit Score

Before making another purchase, especially a major one, find time to know what your risk factors are. In other words, determine the contributors to your bad credit score. Do you tend to shop impulsively? How many times in a week do you eat out? How many pairs of shoes do you buy in a month? Once you know what these risk factors are, you can then come up with a plan on how to avoid making the same mistakes again. Find out what a good fico credit score range is and aim for a number you think would work for you.


Settle Outstanding Balances and Then Keep Your Balances Low

If you have outstanding balances, you need to take care of them before using your credit card again. Outstanding balances are also unpaid accounts, but these are the ones you haven’t paid for months or even years. Their total can be way over the roof by now. But if you settle them or negotiate with the bank or any financial entity, you’ll be able to write it all off in no time.

Make Your Small Business Stand Out By Following These 3 Tips

Small businesses, especially the new ones, often find it challenging to stand out in a market dominated by big name enterprises. Although some startups can replicate the success of major companies, there are others that are forced to stay in the background, no matter how promising or unique they are. As such, small businesses need to always put their best foot forward to stay in the competition. If you really want to elevate your business status and make it stand out, there are several things that you can do. Here are three simple ones you can follow.


Highlight the excellent traits or aspects of your company.

How do you make grab the attention of consumers? One of the ways is to find what sets your product or service apart from the others, or from the competition. Do some research and try to find out in what aspect/s the competition showed weakness. Observe how their clients and the consumers were affected by this and then identify your company’s excellent traits and highlight these in a marketing campaign or project. Remember, however, that it is never correct to malign or put down the competition. Focus on your company’s strengths, not on the weakness of the competition.


Provide personal customer service.

Find a unique way of connecting with your customers. Aside from the company’s traditional customer service system, try to create a personal one that’s more customer-focused. For example, you can come up with a rewards system for your most loyal customers. You can also come up with a regular special offer or gift for your regular clients. Lastly, you can also organize a monthly or semi-monthly get-together of with your loyal customers. This will give you the chance to connect and bond with them. Aside from making them feel special, this will also help you formulate ideas on how to improve your products and services.


Take care of your people.

Your customers are not the only ones who are important; your employees are, too. The people you work with are the ones who help you complete the company. Without them, your company will be nothing. So treat them well. Take care of them. Reward them for all their hard work. Once consumers see how you treat your employees, they’ll know they are safe with you and that they can rely on your company to deliver on its promises.

4 Tips for Ensuring the Growth of Your Small Business

Managing a small business is not easy. Aside from the fact that you need to take care of a lot of internal company matters, you also need to find a way (or ways) to stand tall beside giant corporations and big businesses. But of course, one of your priorities should be building the company and pushing it towards growth and success. The market is sure to be brimming with competition and the race to success will be difficult. As such, it is important for small business to formulate a good strategy for growth and stand out from among a sea of towering enterprises.


Be mindful of the company’s mission and goals.

A company sets a mission and goals because these concretize a business’ purpose. When you set a mission, you know what you are working for. Or for whom you are doing something. When you have goals, you know what you want to achieve. You know where you want to go. If you are mindful of your company’s mission and goals, you’ll find it easy to focus on what needs to be done rather on trivial issues like your small office or your competitor’s new car. Stay focused, and you’ll soon reap the rewards you so desire.


Make your customers feel important. Establish a relationship with them.

Your customers are the biggest reason for your company to go up or fall. If you treat them well; if you make them feel special, they will return the favor by staying loyal to you. But if you don’t exert any effort on getting to know them or even just saying a simple “Hi!” or “Hello!”, they might consider moving to the competition which, many say, is friendlier and makes customers feel important. You need to establish a good working relationship with your clients. It’s not really difficult; you just have to make an effort to reach out to them and give them a chance to talk to you, to offer some feedback or suggestions, and even to offer them rewards. With numerous social media networks, this will be quite easy to do.


Build a good professional relationship with your vendors.

Aside from the customers, you also need to establish a strong professional relationship with the vendors you work or partner with. If you are satisfied with your vendors, let them know. Like you, hearing compliments from customers gets their energy going. Whenever you deal with vendors, keep in mind that you are the customer, not the seller or developer. Thus, you’ll get a glimpse of how you should treat your customers. Once you establish your working relationship, you’ll have loyal vendors who can help you achieve success. Your loyal vendors will likewise reap benefits from your continued endorsement of their products and services.


Well-trained, loyal, and responsible employees are a plus factor.

Proper training is one of the benefits of an employee. Therefore, this should be on the company’s priority list. Another important trait your employees should develop is responsibility, and with this comes accountability. A well-trained and responsible worker is well taken care of, so his/her loyalty will be unquestionable. Eventually, you’ll walk – and work – together towards success.

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